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Design Cycle

Design Input

Design Input Specification

The foundation of all of our designs is the design input specification. After we have received all customer input regarding the project, we develop the design input. Throughout the design cycle, this working document will be the guide for the design team, design review, and our production area. The design input outlines the specifications and requirements for the project.

ATE Schematic


The schematic provides the formulas for the design. This is one of the most important steps in the design, as it will dictate how connections are made and determine the components needed. Once the schematic is complete and checked, a copy is provided to our customer for review and approval. Once approved, we are ready to start the component placement.

ATE Component Placement

Component Placement

Another important step in the design process is the component placement. This step can make a design truly successful and optimize your test performance. Our knowledge and experience, matched with our intelligent tools, allows us to work with our customers to create a superior design. Once approved, we are ready to begin the layout and make all of the connections.

RF Design Layout

Design Layout

The Design Layout is the step in the cycle when the connections are made. We also apply any special requirements, such as length matching, differential pairs, or any loopbacks needed for your specific project. Once the layout is completed, a complete design package is provided to our design coordinator for review.

ATE Design Checklist

Design Review

Using the Design Input, a thorough review is completed of the design package. We validate that the design meets the specifications of the project as well as ready to be fabricated and assembled. Once the review is complete, final design files are provided to the customer for review and approval. With the customers approval we are ready to Fabricate the project.