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Create a better product with ATE Hardware from Finley Design Services. We specialize in design, fabrication, and assembly of circuit boards. Founded in 1993, we have become the leading supplier of load boards, probe cards, and DUT boards to the ATE (automatic test equipment) industry. Over the years, we have built a highly experienced team in the back end test and assembly market.

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Our highly experienced team in the ATE industry continues to make us a leading supplier of Load Boards, Probe Cards and D.U.T. Boards.

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Reliable test needs reliable circuit boards. We have many years of experience designing boards for mixed-signal, high-speed digital, and RF applications. All our designs are 100% compliant.

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With our qualified PCB (printed circuit board) fabrication and assembly partners, we offer full fabrication and assembly services for ATE projects.

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About Finley Design Services

Finley Design Services was established in July of 1993. Since then, we have established an enviable reputation as the leading supplier of testing equipment to the ATE and IC (integrated circuit) industry. We have retained our position as a leader in the market by providing excellent management support and continually reviewing our processes.Our design manager, Gerry Finley, has more than 30 years of experience designing and developing load board, probe cards, and DUT boards. Our engineering and production team brings together 35 years of experience in semiconductor design, board manufacturing, and component assembly. Drawing on this wealth of experience, we deliver incredible quality and reliability. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we send out quotes within 24 hours and deal with any issues immediately.

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