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Automatic Test Equipment

Test Platform Solutions

Finley Design Services is ready to support your testing requirements with quality Load Boards, Probe Cards, D.U.T. Boards, Bench and Evaluation PCB’s, and System Boards, when you need them.

Superior Interface Solutions

Our highly experienced staff can provide you superior testing interface solutions for all Testers, Handlers, Probers and Sockets including, but not limited to the following:

Tester Manufacturers:

  • Credence Diamond, Duo, Quartet
  • Shibasoku
  • Versatest
  • Aemulus
  • Teradyne J750, Flex, Tiger

  • Advantest/Verigy/HP 93K, 83K
  • Test Evolution
  • LTX Fusion, CX, EX, HF
  • Nextest
  • MCT

Handler Manufacturers:

  • Aetrium
  • Exatron
  • Multitest
  • Synax
  • SRM
  • Fico
  • Rasco
  • Tesam
  • Ismeca EX
  • Kuwano
  • Seiko Epson
  • Tesec
  • Delta Flex, Castle
  • MCT
  • Symtek
  • Trigon

Socket Manufacturers:

  • 3M/Textool
  • ASE
  • Gold Technologies
  • Nepenthe
  • Tecknit
  • AMP
  • CTI
  • HP Test
  • Oztek
  • Wells/Welcon
  • Antares
  • Enplas
  • Johnstech
  • Plastronics
  • Yamaichi
  • Ardent Concepts
  • Exatron
  • Loranger
  • RS Tech

load board stiffeners

Mechanical Solutions

Finley Design Services is a supplier for all PCB stiffeners and stiffeners accessories. We can provide the standard tester manufacturer stiffeners or provide customized stiffeners to meet the needs of your specific project. Below are some examples of standard stiffeners as well as some of our custom modified mechanical solutions.

93K full size stiffener

93K 12 inch probe card stiffener

teradyne flex probe card stiffener

93K half size stiffener

93K 9.5 inch probe card stiffener

LTX Fusion CX stiffener