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Printed Circuit Fabrication & Assembly Made Easy

Circuit board fabrication and Assembly are two complex processes that require specialized expertise and equipment. Finley Design Services works with trusted partners to deliver high-quality custom solutions that are designed to meet your company's needs. We provide full support for custom design, layout, fabrication, QC, and assembly for any ATE project.

Fabrication Capabilities

When it comes to circuit fabrication, it's important to choose a manufacturer with a track record of success. We work with the most qualified PCB manufacturing partners who have the technologies to meet the demands of today's ATE industry. Whether you need a simple 4-layer PCB to a complex 44-layer PCB with blind and buried vias and back drilling, we deliver solutions that optimize your test performance.

Custom Solutions

Our team brings together a huge range of fabrication and assembly capabilities. If you have any special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to deliver custom solutions for just about any ATE project.

Custom Made Circuit Board

Board Thickness:

  • Maximum Thickness of 0.310"

Trace Matching:

  • Matched Impedance of +/- 5%

Hole Precision:

  • Aspect Ratio of >30:1
  • NPT Hole Tolerance of +/- 0.001
  • Hole-to-Hole Location Accuracy of +/- 0.001

Layer Count:

  • Up to 44 Layers


  • Minimum Dielectric Space Cores of 0.0025" - 0.003"

Material Types:

  • FR-4 Epoxy
  • Polyimide
  • Teflon
  • Rogers
  • Nelco
  • Getek
  • Megtron 6

Assembly Services

We maintain an in-house assembly team and use a qualified assembly house with full testing capabilities. Once your project is through fabrication, it will be ready for our highly experienced PCB assembly team. We offer surface mount, through-hole, mechanical, and reflow assembly services. From incoming quality check to final quality-of-assembly check, your project will be in the hands of an experienced group of manufacturing technicians. We offer a complete turnkey solution that includes:

  • Bill of Material (BOM) Creation
  • Acquisitions of Mechanical Assembly Parts
  • Component Purchasing
  • Third-Party Reflow Assembly
  • Project Component Kit Creation

Assembled by Hand

We have a qualified team of manufacturing technicians that assembles all components by hand. We also maintain an extensive inventory of frequently used parts and components. For each assembly, a Bill of Materials (BOM) is generated from the design. This BOM, along with a set of assembly drawings and notes, is used by the assembly team and is kept for any future reorders and assemblies. This process allows us to track any changes as well as provide our customers with high-quality assembled boards that match their design.

Quality Control

Our goal is to insure that your ATE project is ready to test right out of the box. Our rigorous quality process includes:

  • Incoming QC Inspection
  • Open/Shorts Testing
  • Net List Verification